Welcome To My World!

I’m Priya Rao - a TV and podcast host, who is as passionate about plant-based food and wine as I am about having my own animal sanctuary, protecting the environment, looking good in a bikini, and having a really fun and fabulous time doing it all.


Plant-Powered & Loving Life

I’m committed to being your one-stop vegan lifestyle resource and my bold purpose will be to shine a spotlight on athletes, fashion designers, chefs, restauranteurs, artists, nutritionists and more people who are living plant-powered and loving it.

Watch this space for interviews that will offer up a healthy serving of inspiration with a side of not-taking-it-all-so seriously.

I've been vegetarian for 20 years and a pure herbivore for 7 years… So with veganism fast becoming the #1 health trend, I want to share just how simple it is to live without animal products.


The #1 Question

“Is that really vegan?”

I get asked this All. The. Time.

My response is always delivered with a proud smile, and a mischievous glint in my eye, because people don't realize how easy it is to actually make the switch to plant-based everything.

You don't have to give up baked goods or your favourite dish.

You can vegan-ize most things now with all the fabulous products on the market!


My Roots

Can you see the ever-growing green wave as more people partake in Meatless Mondays, stop wearing fur, and try to reduce their impact on the environment?

I do and that’s why I created What Priya Said - not only to support shifts to a leafier lifestyle , but to make it fun, easy and most importantly - SUSTAINABLE.

I've partnered with Master Sommelier, Jennifer Huether (pictured at bottom right) to literally 'write the book' on vegan food and wine pairings. That's right, it's the first ever book of its kind and we can't wait for it to be out in the world!

My Mission is
to transform thousands of lifestyles by spreading the crazy idea that living an incredible life does not have to come at the expense of Mother Nature.
To use the power of joy and laughter to encourage humans to treat our planet and all of our furry friends with respect and compassion.
priya-rao-vegan jam.png

My (Vegan) Jam

In my 7-year journey, I’ve met incredible plant-powered individuals who I’ll be profiling on the regular so check out @whatpriyasaid Facebook & Instagram feeds for all the juicy news and inspiration.

Plus, I not only plan vegan-themed events, but I’m also available as your guest speaker or host!

I’ll help you peel back the layers of all things related to a happy plant-based lifestyle and make your next soiree a success.

My long-term goal is to own and operate an animal sanctuary, but I’m starting by opening a vegan b&b in rural Ontario, Canada. This will be a retreat where wellness, fitness & food are fused with a fabulous twist. Taking bookings now @Airbnb!