Terra--A Vegan Vacation Villa

Terra--A Vegan Vacation Villa

She’s finally here friends! Terra is ready to welcome you through her earth-friendly doors.


When I first had the idea to open a vegan vacation home, I wanted it to serve a few purposes.

First, I wanted a beautiful, peaceful place to escape with family and friends.

Two, I wanted to open the home to vegan (and vegan-friendly) travellers as a place they could feel confident in knowing that it aligned with their beliefs and that ‘no animals were harmed’ in the creation of the space.

Three, I wanted a large enough space for entertaining (you know how much I love throwing a good dinner partay!) and for hosting intimate weekend retreats and events.

Four-and this was inspired by someone I met at a vegetarian arts retreat-I wanted a space that could be an affordable, inspiring home that could host artist-in-residence programs.

I found a house that could do all the above and I couldn’t be happier. To stay within my philosophy for Terra, I tried to maintain a low-waste, eco-friendly and locally-sourced mentality as much as possible when furnishing her. I was largely successful but lemme tell ya, it was HARD trying to avoid products made from certain countries whose social, political, environmental and animal rights policies I absolutely disagree with. Like SUPER HARD. Oh, ma GAWD was it a challenge.

But I did it! For the most part. I scavenged through secondhand and vintage stores, I rummaged through yard sales, I went down the Facebook Marketplace rabbit hole and I asked friends for items that they may no longer have a use for. And the universe provided! Here are some of the furnishings I am most proud of.

Stylegarage sectional sofa

This sectional sofa by Toronto shop, Stylegarage is not only Canadian-made from sustainably-sourced lumber, it’s vegan-friendly and also pet-friendly because of the velvet fabric which repels pet hair and is easy to clean. Plus it’s super sweet, I mean look at that colour!

The carpet and the coffee table were bought off Facebook Marketplace and the side table was donated by a friend.

The mattresses are Casper brand and I picked them for a few reasons. They are made in Canada, they are vegan, they’re very comfortable and one of my cats is named Casper, so…well, y’know. That was actually the deciding factor in choosing between this and another company! Because I love my cats.

The bed frames, accessories and carpet are all secondhand with the exception of the sheets which are all new and are made in Portugal, Bangladesh or Pakistan depending on the room.


I absolutely ADORE this dining set! It was hard finding a table that could extend to seat 8 but this one fit the bill, plus it felt like it was designed for this kitchen! The sideboard was bought at a vintage store in town and cost a fraction of what it would have cost at a similar store in Toronto. It’s solid wood, quite heavy and just gorgeous. I love how the modern dining set and the vintage piece look like they belong together. Oh and how about the cute piggy and rooster prints?! Sweet.

She’s not 100% decorated but she’s looking quite lovely and I’m sooo looking forward to hosting many, fabulous vegan food & wine events there! If you want to see more of Terra, or might want to come stay here, you can find her on Airbnb.

Oh, did I mention there’s a hot tub??!

A Dream Coming True!

A Dream Coming True!