Welcome to My World!

I’m Priya Rao - a TV and podcast host, who is as passionate about plant-based food and wine as I am about having my own animal sanctuary, protecting the environment, looking good in a bikini, and having a really fun and fabulous time doing it all.

What about you?

Does the word ‘vegan’ make you shrink in FOMO - otherwise known as the 'fear of missing out’?

Maybe you want to secretly save the world too, but hang up the superhero cape when you start asking yourself what will I eat? Where will I get my protein?? What will I wear??? Can I still use my favourite skin products????

I got you sweet pea! 



Plant Powered & Loving Life

I’m committed to being your one-stop vegan lifestyle resource and my bold purpose will be to shine a spotlight on athletes, fashion designers, chefs, restauranteurs, artists, nutritionists and more people who are living plant-powered and loving it.

Watch this space for interviews that will offer up a healthy serving of inspiration with a side of not-taking-it-all-so seriously.

I've been vegetarian for 20 years and a pure herbivore for 7 years… So with veganism fast becoming the #1 health trend, I want to share just how simple it is to live without animal products.

It’s actually incredibly easy.

And that’s What Priya Said.

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The #1 Question

“Is that really vegan?”

I get asked this All. The. Time.

My response is always delivered with a proud smile, and a mischievous glint in my eye, because people don't realize how easy it is to actually make the switch to plant-based everything.

You don't have to give up baked goods or your favourite dish.

You can vegan-ize most things now with all the fabulous products on the market!